happy birthday to mr. kitty

he's three! or at least that is what we think...

here's the story of mr. kitty:

my brother and i had been wanting to get a cat, but we couldn't find one. i know....hard to believe. but it's true. we couldn't find one. so anyway...we had gone to wal-mart one rainy afternoon and decided to take the back road home. on the way, we saw this black thing lying on the side of the road, and my brother made me stop. low and behold, it was a kitten. bless his little heart...he was bleeding, soaking wet, and cried when we moved him in the slightest way.

so, thad picked him up anyway, and we took him home. later in the day we took him to the vet to get him checked out, and she gave him a shot for his wobble and told us to love him. they estimated his age...so, i just pretend march is his birthday month. i should have taken a picture of him when we first got him, but he was in such bad shape, i didn't want to get too attached to him. his tail was broken...and eventually came off...some of his teeth were broken...he sprained his leg...we had to force water down with a dropper...he was peeing blood. it was a sad sight.

but...i nursed him back to health and now he loves me.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever heard that whole story...bless his little kitty heart. I'm actually having warm feelings towards Mr. Kitty now. I need to pop some benadryl so I can come give him a birthday hug...or maybe just a wave.