scariness part 2...

so, this morning i dropped off a lady that lives in my apt. complex at her dad's house on my way to work, and she gave me the scoop on what happened last night. apparently, it started out as a shooting. yes...people...there was a shooting where i live. apparently, it was over some illegal substances, and another guy shot the guy with the knife. the shooter ran off and ran through some peoples' apartments to get away. now...wouldn't that be scary if some guy with a gun came into your apartment? rest assured...my doors are usually locked...and for sure they always will be now. i am not sure if they caught the guy with the gun...i hope they did, but the lady didn't know. so...last night, the guy with the knife wasn't drunk...he had some other illegal stuff in him. and he had been shot. so...he had a crappy night. along with everyone that saw it...it took me forever to go to sleep last night. the lady also told me that some kids in the complex are slashing tires and vandalizing cars. ok...so, really...i didn't need to know all that. i have never had any problems with them, and hopefully i won't ever.

it just sucks...i want to move, but i can't. god has protected me thus far...gotta keep praying that that will continue.

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