scariness at the apartment...

ok...so, i am not one to get scared a lot. but tonight...about 30 minutes ago...i was scared so bad i was literally shaking!

so...i was minding my own business...watching some tv and all of a sudden i hear men screaming. well, we all know that i am nosey...so, i looked out my window to see if something was going on. much to my surprise...not far from my front door, there are about 5 cops yelling at some man. they have their guns drawn and are spraying pepper spray on the man. they are yelling at him to "put it down." so i automatically think he has a gun. now...the smart thing would have been to move away from the window because who knows what would happen if he had a gun and started shooting...but my curiosity wouldn't let me move. i guess i was kinda frozen in fear and from curiosity. so...they continue to shout at this man, and then they shine their lights on him and that is when the large machete like knife glistened. the man seemed to be a little drunk...swaying back and forth yelling something, and the cops continue to yell at him and then one of them tackles him and he goes down. a cheer from the bottom of my heart erupted! go cops! the man then starts yelling about how he can't breathe. well...mr. dumb...shouldn't have been so stupid as to not drop the knife.

so...yeah...i live in a sketchy neighborhood and if i wasn't leaving the state in august, this would have been enough to make me move. the cops come to the street every so often...but i have never seen this before. this time made me scared. you never know when you come home at night if someone like that is going to be out there. i mean...he was right in the path to my door...by my car...scary!

i guess i watched my own version of cops tonight...thank you cops of nicholasville for making the night safer!

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