it's done!

praise god from whom all blessings flow...

i am done with this stupid assessment! i am at that point in the counseling program where i am tired of writing about and analyzing myself. i can only handle a certain amount of self awareness people...

last night, my practicum site had their christmas party at rincon....never been there before, but it was pretty good, and we all had a fun time. and the director paid for our meals...can't beat that. it is sad though because you start to get attached to some of the interns, but they aren't coming back next semester. sadness...

i get to christmas shop today, and that isn't sadness. let me just tell you how much i saved at kohl's the other day...$100! yes that's right...$100! i only paid $60, and i got so much shopping done...i was pretty proud of the deals.

now i must go and deliver my project.

to god be the glory,
great things he hath done

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