war eagle moments and china

i came across these things today:

there are two words that give you a sense of belonging even when you are far from home. and when you hear them, you know you are with family. two simple words. "war eagle"

even though we sometimes feel like we are broken, discarded, dirty old pottery, god treats us like we are fine china. he loves us. he loves us that much.

just my 2 truths of the day.

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erin said...

here's a war eagle moment for you.....2 hrs of sleep, up before sun rise...alcohol still in my system from the night before...7 miles into my 10 miles...tired, annoyed, and definately wanting to quit....along come 2 old men hobbling towards me...War Eagle! shouts one of the old men....War Damn Eagle! I reply....and a huge smile crept across my face....i could finish the rest of the miles with energy and excitement just b/c of that....War Eagle!