the color of fear

today...i had my first meeting as a mental health professional. there was some fear and trepidation....but, it went good...it is just neat to do other stuff besides counseling. not that counseling isn't cool...just that it was a nice change of pace.

last night in my narrative counseling class...we watched a video called the color of fear. and let me just say...it was good. it was a video about the state of race relations in america as seen through the eyes of eight north american men of asian, european, latino and african descent. it was a series of heated confrontations in which the men revealed the pain, scars, and fear that racism has caused them. they also challenged the privileged status of white americans.

i really think everyone should have to watch this video. part of the problem of racism is that we...white americans...don't realize what it means to be white. a lot of the time, we don't acknowledge that racism is still very much alive, and in doing so, we minimize people's experiences.

i took cross-cultural counseling in the spring...and one of the papers that i had to write was about being white. and i admit that it was hard to read the chapter and swallow what the authors of the book were saying. but it really drove home this fact: i was born into a society that privileges me simply because of the color of my skin.

color-blindness isn't possible. that is not the answer. but i think that loving people in their entirety...in their race...in their gender...in their socio-economic status...in their age...in their ethnicity...in their sexual preference...that is what matters. and i think that is what jesus models for us.

so...what i really think is that there is no good culture...there is no bad culture. every culture has developed a certain ecological, economic, and political system in which their people have lived and survived, and it is unfair to judge any culture through the lens of another culture.

ok...so, i will get off of my soapbox now.

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